Storyboards for Making Fiends, and the fiends who make them

After a script is done, it is given to an artist to make a storyboard from. A storyboard is a lot like seeing the episode in comic strip form. Action is planned, and funny bits of visual humor are often added by the storyboard artist.

Left: A storyboard panel of Charlotte sliding. "Wheeee!"

Below: Malachi gets swatted by the kitty

Making Fiends has a great crew of talented storyboarders. They each work with Amy and Dave to make every episode as funny and fiendy as possible.

Right: Storyboarder James Suhr enjoys an onion while director Dave Knott and artist Liz Chincharini look on

Below: Charlotte meets the scissor fiend

Far Below: A long shot follows Charlotte as she skips to Room 4.


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